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Tutor Profile
With more than 20 years of experience in education, Vannessa has taught and conducted teacher training in Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, Hong Kong and mainland China. With a CELTA from Cambridge University, ESOL, Vannessa went on to successfully complete her MEd. with the University of Adelaide focusing on English in a multicultural environment and its cultural appropriateness. Her specialisation is working with English learners who strive to attend academic excellence in a wide range of international exams. Vannessa believes in a student-centred approach to teaching which incorporates critical thinking.
Raymond is an effective teacher with 16 years of teaching experience together with IELT Band 9 achieved. Also as a curriculum developer for advanced diploma programme, Raymond knows very well on how education systems differ between countries. With Raymond’s teaching experience and expertise, his students will gain confidence as well as motivation which are both vital factors for our determined students. It is certain that students will find his guidance extremely useful and worthy.