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IB Math IA Consultation

IB Math IA Consultation Sessions are offered by our Senior Academic Consultant, Tim (an IB Mathematics moderator) trained by the IBO and is experienced in guiding students to achieve their best potential grades.

As the Math IA weights more than 10% of your final grade, Tim's consultation session has played a huge role in securing the IA grades needed for a lot of students, especially during the most recent pandemic period.
During your Math IA Consultation session, you can expect to receive the following:
1. Guidance and recommendation on how to improve your Math IA such as:
    - the structure of the IA,
    - mathematical content
    - further investigation needed
2. The current score of your IA (breakdown of the score will be given)
3. The potential score of your IA if you follow Tim's instruction
4. Sample IA from the past 

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