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100% of Our Students Received University Offers from UK Top 20 Universities in 2020

Our tutors will continue supporting students and teaching classes remotely, by using Zoom to converse, and AwwApp's shared whiteboard so student at home can continue lesson online seamlessly. 

95% of Our Students Obtained 42 or Above for Their IB Results in 2020

Helping students bridge the gap between two years of study​
​Get a head-start on the upcoming topics and reinforce your foundations with Bridge Elite’s intensive programs. Staying focused year-round helps you keep momentum and continue the fight towards success!
Effective teachers mean effective learning​
With decades worth of combined experience, our teachers come from
prestigious backgrounds with the goal to nurture young minds and equip
them with the skills to pursue excellence
An infallible track record
We have had matriculations to some of the most sought after universities
in the world and our next could be you!
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