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Habit Series 2: Atomic Habits (Improve your grades 37%)

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

The Habit of Mastery (Atomic Habits)

‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear says, in a nutshell, two things:

  1. New Habits will temporarily feel difficult. Before a habit is mastered, it will feel slow, you will not get results, and it will be temporarily painful and frustrating. Ignore that feeling and stick with it.

  2. Once you break the boredom barrier (or frustration barrier. an arbitrary skill threshold), habits compound (like compound interest) to produce massive results.

  3. Results are unnoticeable on a day to day basis. That is why people stop. Exceptional people work smart, but maintain consistent effort by blocking off fixed units of time to practice habits. Over time, your habits compound to 37% difference a year, even though you never notice any difference from day to day.

As James Clear (powerhouse author of ‘Atomic Habits’) states, a habit takes time to compound. The results may be unnoticeable at first. Schoolwork is no different from learning to master any other skill.

Study habits provide tiny gains that compound into massive grade differences.

What kind of study habits do you need to build? The next time you see your tutor, ask them what about their experience in secondary school and the study habits they built during secondary school to ace their exams and get into university.

Take their study habits and make them even better!

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