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School Term Series: Online Tutoring

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

With our UK students back to school and distance tuition resuming, we thought the timing would be great to share a few tips on study strategies for online learning.

  1. Make digital notes. They’re coffee-proof, loss-proof and dog-proof!

  2. Resourcefulness: add links to your favorite explainer videos, and any diagrams and study resources

  3. Past Paper Strategy: with the correct professional tools, online tutoring is an efficient way to review past papers.

Everybody has a different approach for attempting past paper questions. Some people are more time-efficient than others.

We guide them from the beginning to work smart by:

  • Teaching them how to appropriately structure a response to different question styles

  • Teaching them to identifying key terms in a good answer takes experience, and there is a way to do it efficiently.

We always help students with their study strategy to maximize the effectiveness of their learning. It is always good for students to practice their understanding of a module with past paper questions quickly after learning while knowledge is fresh. The goal is to maximize knowledge retention through active learning and recall.

Once the foundational understanding of the topic is solidified, we then help supplement any marks missed. The difference between B grade and A grade students is usually due to structural flaws in the response or not knowing key terms. Sometimes, it is also due to not knowing the topic in as much detail as they think they do. Our online sessions are tailored to helping students gain a clear idea of the exact changes they need to make to improve their mark.

4. Tutor Guidance: ask your tutor for advice and guidance on how to self-study for exams. They went through the same process themselves! Take their secrets and make them your own.

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