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Habit Series 1: Top scorer’s secrets

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

In our Study Habits series, we dip our toes into the science behind habit-building and how habits can help you power up your studies and bridge the gap between your studies and exam success - our Science students will love this one!

The science of habit is an interdisciplinary subject that spans over a wide range of expertise and academic disciplines. It is a staple topic in popular self-help books, like ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear and ‘Deep Work’ by Cal Newport. Papers have been published in behavioral psychology, neuroscience & biology that provide the scientific evidence behind the theories outlined below.

So just how can the science of habit help us study more effectively so we can ace our exams?

1. Deep Work (Habitually Focus) Read about deep work here

2. Myelin: Biological Evidence for Habits

How neural pathways are strengthened by myelin ‘The Talent Code’ by Daniel Coyle describes a theory - backed by science - that what separates an average person from exceptional talent is the ability to learn difficult things repeatedly, over and over again.

Read in-depth about myelin here, as written by our IB Biology consultant, Michael

3. Atomic Habits: how to improve your grades 37%

What kind of study habits do you need to build? The next time you see your tutor, ask them what about their experience in secondary school and the study habits they built during secondary school to ace their exams and get into university.

Take their study habits and make them even better! To effectively train your brain in studying, read more about the power of habit here.

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