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Congratulations to All Our Students Graduating in 2022

Coupling together with the guidance of tutors and the effort of our students, Bridge Elite is proud to congratulate them for their splendid achievements throughout the courses all these years.

In 2022, our IB Students A. Cheung (Sevenoaks) achieved 45 in their IB exams this year along with C. Cheung (SIS) and G. Poon (CIS) achieving 44 in their IB exams.

Our A-Level students also achieved extraordinary results. All our students received A*/A in GCE Mathematics with J. Tang (Harrow HK) and R. Lau (Harrow HK) also received A* in GCE Further Mathematics. 

Our GCSE students also did remarkably well this year. All our students received A*/9/8 in IGCSE Mathematics. Our IGCSE students H.L. So (Harrow UK) and L. Chu (Malvern College UK) also received top grades in their IGCSE science exams. 

2022 exam result version 2.png
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