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IGCSE Chemistry

Bridge Elite offers both online & onsite IGCSE Chemistry private tuition lessons. We provides a conducive learning environment and assists students to bring out the best in them, to help them attain their desired grades.

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Wallace has over 10 years of experience in teaching Chemistry in various international exams and thus he has built up a lot of teaching experience on his career. He has condensed the whole chemistry course into a series of topic-by-topic guides according to different exam syllabus. He could provide great assistance to students with any background. His teaching techniques have not only helped them to overcome their fear on chemistry, but also many of them love this subject and are pursuing higher studies in chemistry. Therefore, many students can finish IGCSE or IAL chemistry exam in one year and score A-A* with the coach from Wallace.

Avatar 108
Avatar 108

BSc. in Chemistry
(The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)



Sukanya, after completing her Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Hong Kong, embarked on a dedicated career in education, specializing in teaching sciences. Recognising the importance of enhancing her teaching expertise, she pursued and successfully obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from the University of Sunderland.

With more than 6 years of experiences, Sukanya is specialised in teaching IB and IGCSE Biology as well as Chemistry and Physics at IGCSE level.

Sukanya ensures that students are engaged and able to develop their essential skills needed for science applications. Her teaching approach is more open-ended and explorative, aiming to create an interacting environment in which students can explore thought-provoking questions more independently.

Avatar 108
Avatar 108

PGCE (University of Sunderland)

B. Sc. (Biological Sciences)
(The University of Hong Kong)



Dr. Hui graduated with a Ph.D. from the University of Hong Kong. He has more than ten years tutoring experience in science and mathematics. His students come from for a number of local famous schools such as DBS, DGS, International schools, such as HKIS, GSIS, ESF, CIS, ICS, CDNIS and Harrow School. He is familiar with the content of international courses and can master teaching methods to improve students' learning ability. Most of his students’ performance have made significantly improved both in leaning motivation and academic results.

Avatar 108
Avatar 108

PhD in Physics
(The University of Hong Kong)

Master of Philosophy in Physics
(The University of Hong Kong)



Tin is a graduate of Medical Sciences from the University of Birmingham, and is a current medical student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Having been through the IBDP program, Tin understands what students need to do in order to succeed. Tin is capable and familiar with the teachings of IGCSE and IB for mathematics, biology, chemistry and psychology. Along with his academic rigour, he believes his teaching can bolster students’ confidence through explaining concepts clearly and active-recall learning methods.

Avatar 108
Avatar 108

BSc. in Medical Studies
(University of Birmingham)

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Know more about the curriculum

Students at most international schools in Hong Kong, as well as all UK boarding schools, are required to sit the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Chemistry exam at the end of Year 11. The new grading structure awards students with a grade between 1 to 9 for each subject.

The Chemistry IGCSE exams can be taken under various exam boards, such as Pearson Edexcel and Cambridge International.

Pearson Edexcel

Schools: Harrow HK, KCCIS, South-Island School , West Island School, Island School, St Swithun's School etc.

Specification: <4CH1>

Exam Materials: <4CH1>

Cambridge International

Schools: GSIS, YCIS, Sha Tin College, French International School etc.

Specification: <0620>

Exam Materials: <0620>

This set of exams is crucial as IGCSE results are a key factor affecting students’ A Level subject choices, as well as entry to sixth form colleges in the UK.

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