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  1. All materials used in lessons by Bridge Elite teachers and subsequently distributed to students (worksheets, textbook copies, other documents, etc.) remain the intellectual property of Bridge Elite Education Centre. Bridge Elite students agree not to reproduce, distribute or share any lesson materials with other parties without the prior written consent of Bridge Elite Education Centre.

  2. Bridge Elite teachers are only permitted to teach and provide educational service at Bridge Elite Education Centre. Bridge Elite students agree not to solicit or make private arrangements with teachers for tuition or contact teachers directly outside of lesson hours. All scheduling and payment related issues are handled by Bridge Elite’s Customer Relationship Officers.

  3. Bridge Elite's employees are not allowed to give their phone numbers or email addresses to, or to meet with parents and students outside of Bridge Elite premises. Teachers who have resigned are not permitted to contact or provide lessons to Bridge Elite students within 12 months of resignation. If you would like to contact a teacher, please approach our Customer Relationship Officers or email

  4. To ensure that private lessons / private groups are conducted effectively, it is paramount that students and parents communicate clearly and early with our Customer Relationship Officers if there are any topics and specific areas that they would like to focus on. It is the student’s responsibility to provide such information upon enrolment or before the first lesson. Bridge Elite does not bear any responsibility for a lesson not matching the student’s expectations if he or she fails to provide such information. If teachers are not informed which syllabus or materials to use, they will prepare lessons to strengthen core content using their own materials.


  1. Bridge Elite operates on a “first-come first-served” and confirmation-by-payment policy in allocating teaching schedules and reserves the right to release any reserved lessons that have only been verbally confirmed or that have passed the confirmation deadline.

  2.  Lessons must be confirmed by email within 7 days after confirmation email has been sent.

  3. During summer term enrolment, lesson prices will be applied based on the grade / level that the student will be entering in the academic year after the summer.

  4. Public holiday surcharge will be applied to any lessons scheduled on Sundays and public holidays. The current public holiday surcharge is as follow:
    Online Lesson - $100/hour,
    Face to Face lesson - $150/hour.


  5. Lessons reserved with Bridge Elite are non-transferable. Once a student’s name is confirmed at the time of booking, only that student may attend the booked lessons. Trading or switching lessons with friends or family members is not permitted. Bridge Elite reserves the right to discontinue a student's enrolment at any time due to late payment or disruptive behaviour in class.

  6. To reserve the regular time slots in subsequent months, students must meet the attendance rate as follow:


a) For months with four (4) lessons, student books at least three (3) classes in the same month with the same    teacher and time slot.
b) For months with five (5) lessons, student books at least four (4) classes in the same month with the same teacher and time slot.


  1. Please double check your group lesson bookings and ensure all students in the group lesson have paid and can attend the confirmed lessons. It is the responsibility of all students in the group lesson to confirm and pay for the group lesson as a whole. For students who have confirmed and paid for a group lesson but one or more members of the group does not pay/confirm on time, the paid student(s) must pay the price difference for the class change. Should the student(s) not pay the difference for this change of class status, the lesson will be forfeited.

  2. For regular courses, tuition fee must be settled at least 3 hours prior to the lesson on the first school day of each month. For irregular courses, tuition fee must be settled 30 days prior to the first school day for the first month.

  3. If payment is not received, Bridge Elite cannot guarantee the availability of the lesson. Our current payment methods include:
    a) Cheque
    b) Bank Transfer
    c) Cash


  4. Proof of payment must be presented to our Customer Relationship Officers by email if the tuition fee is settled by bank transfer, by cash deposit machine or by cheque deposit machine.


  1. Bridge Elite does not offer make-up classes or refunds for missed classes due to a student’s inability to attend for reasons such as school activities, field trips, schedule conflicts, or sickness (unless a doctor’s note is provided, and the make-up lesson is rescheduled to an available timeslot within 14 calendar days of the corresponding lesson). Parents and students are responsible for checking their schedules carefully before signing up. In case of sickness, students need to inform Bridge Elite of their absence at least 3 hours before the scheduled lesson by email.

  2. Lesson rescheduling is granted only under the following conditions:
    a) 3 clear working days* notice given, or
    b) 1 OR 2 clear working days* notice with $100 administrative fee.
    Lesson rescheduling will not be granted if the request is made on the lesson day or on the day before the lesson day.
    *Clear working day does not include the lesson day, the day which the request is made, public holidays and Sundays; rescheduled request must be made during office hour: Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM.


  3. Rescheduled lessons must be confirmed within 2 days of request made. The rescheduled lesson must be within 14 calendar days of the corresponding lesson and not during the regular scheduled lesson time. Make up lesson cannot be rescheduled again. Any lesson that is not rescheduled will be charged and no refund will be provided.

  4. Rescheduling must be confirmed with Bridge Elite:
    a) The time, date and teacher of the rescheduled lesson is assigned by Bridge Elite (The original teacher cannot be guaranteed and the difference in tuition fee will not be refunded).
    b) Lesson scheduling is offered at the complete discretion of Bridge Elite.


  5. In the context of group lessons (except courses), it is required that all participating students collectively reschedule the lesson and subsequently confirm the arrangement for the makeup lesson. In the event that a mutually agreeable date and time cannot be reached, the students are obligated to cover the price differential for transitioning the class from a group setting to a private one-to-one format. Failure to fulfill the payment for this change in class status will result in the forfeiture of the lesson.


  1. All lessons at Bridge Elite will be cancelled upon the hoisting of a Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal of 8 or above, or if the Black Rainstorm Warning is raised. Classes will resume two hours after the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal is reduced to a lower signal or if the Black Rainstorm Warning is cancelled or replaced by the Amber or Red Rainstorm Warning during our opening hours. Make-up classes will be arranged for lessons cancelled due to weather.


  1. For safety, security and other relevant reasons, CCTV cameras are in operation within the school campus including but not limited to the customer service area, waiting areas and corridors. Bridge Elite shall not be held responsible for personal injuries, accidents, losses and damages incurred by any student while at Bridge Elite premises.

  2. Bridge Elite shall not be liable for any loss, damages, charges or expense, whether direct or indirect, which may be incurred by parents and students arising from or in any way connected with Bridge Elite Learning Centre.

  3. This legal notice shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). Disputes arising out of or in connection with this legal notice shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Hong Kong SAR.

  4. Bridge Elite reserves the right to amend its company policy and all terms and conditions without prior notice.


  • To be eligible for the referral discount, the existing student needs to take at least 2 hours of lessons at Bridge Elite before being eligible to refer new students.

  • When the referred student first contacts Bridge Elite to request lessons, he/she should state the name of the existing student who referred him/her. Otherwise it will not be regarded as a referral. Referrals cannot be back-traced once the referred student has confirmed his/her first lesson.

  • A referral is considered successful when the referred student takes two or more paid lessons, each of at least one hour, at Bridge Elite, in a period of 30 consecutive days.

  • Bridge Elite reserves the right to make final decision and explanation of the details of these promotions.

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