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The GCE A-Level is a qualification offered by UK-based educational organisations. Students typically take 3-4 subjects related to their intended field of study at university, and their predicted grades determine the university offers they will receive. The two-year course is taught over Years 12 & 13, and with the recent change to the GCE curriculum — students sit for their exams at the end of Year 13. 
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GCE A level summer courses at Bridge Elite are designed for the reformed linear syllabus with detailed notes and past paper questions provided.

Make good use of your time during summer! Take advantage of this period and with lessons only three times a week, you will be able to learn ahead and get a head start to the coming academic year!
At Bridge Elite, we offer summer courses for the following GCE subjects:
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Thorough Revision in 12 Hours on Selected Topics

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Additional Drilling and Question Banks Provided from Our Experienced Tutors

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Receive Feedbacks and Support on Marked Papers

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$8640/course [Early Bird]

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